Need help promoting your child's healthy sleep routine?


Being a mother myself and coping with sleepless nights, I know how emotionally difficult it can be to deal with sleep challenges.

That is why I am keen to share my knowledge and expertise with families to support them on their sleep journeys. A parent who is sleep deprived can be left with a feeling of jet lag, without the holiday and find it hard to function day to day.


 I have supported hundreds of parents over the years, and it is so rewarding to watch families grow in confidence after understanding their child’s sleep patterns and stages that can affect their sleep.

The benefits of sleep are huge:

the growth hormone is released

more blood is directed to developing muscles

white blood cells are produced, which supports the immune system

their little bodies can repair themselves

they become more mentally alert

increased daytime energy levels

setting healthy habit for future life

improved daytime mood, behaviour and performance

gives the child the opportunity to process what they have learnt that day

I will support you  to understand the nature of your child’s sleep problem and offer an appropriate solution.


I am fully Millpond trained in sleep techniques and can provide the tools to equip you to teach your child the skills for sleeping

My Sessions provide guidance on :

how much sleep for your child’s needs/sleep cycles
understanding sleep associations
creating a good bedtime routine
establishing day and night
importance of daytime naps
common sleep problems
positive reinforcement rewards (around age 3 years)


I will work with you one to one to achieve a tailored sleep program, or I can offer sleep workshops covering the above topics in your home with a group of friends.