Building skills for school


"Building skills for nursery/school." This is not a workshop looking at academic skills.
It’s all about social skills and emotional wellbeing.

Helping your child to:
Communicate and get on with others.
To be independent.
Solve problems and manage their feelings.
Build their confidence so they start nursery/school confident, curious and ready to learn.

Tips, hints and practical advice from "littlelifesteps" ,
all fun activities you can do at home with your child.
Session covers topics such as:
Separation anxiety
School toileting- underpants rule
Managing own personal care,- wiping own bottom, Blowing nose, dressing skills.
Headlice facts and myths
Developing good sleep habits and tips to successful sleeping creating healthy breakfasts and lunchboxes.
behaviour tips- so they can follow instructions and understand the need to follow rules.
Session planned and written using years of experience and training working and supporting little ones with many challenges

Available as a home session one to one or group of friends.

Contact me for prices.

Weekend / Evening sessions available for partners to be involved.

Areas covered = South East Essex, prices available for longer distances.

mobile : 07722002132