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One to One Potty Training sessions


I have worked with the NHS for many years supporting and offering advice to parents on preparing for potty training and solving problems, such as only passing a stool in a nappy, potty refusal, regression, constipation, bedwetting and behavioural challenges.

Potty training is a key milestone in your child’s life and can be very daunting to parents and children.

Parents can learn a lot about their child during this process-

How they deal with success or failure

How they process information

What rewards motivate them

It is a stage where no “one size fits all”, there is no perfect time to start as all children are different.

But being prepared before you start, knowing some key facts and factoring in your child’s own personality will help you achieve success.

My session aims to help take the stress out of potty training, give you tips and practical advice to increase your knowledge and confidence.​

Guide you through potty training troubleshooting and any behavioural challenges and enable you to help your children achieve independent toileting skills and promote good bowel and bladder health for life.

My Sessions covers :

Importance of timing

Preparing the groundwork

How to know your child is ready

What you need to get started

The start day

Tips on leaving the home

Ways to make it fun

Trouble shooting

Only pooing in a nappy

How to deal with relapses

And lots of resources to share via email following the session.