Potty Training

I have worked with the NHS for many years supporting and offering advice to parents on preparing for potty training and solving problems, such as only passing a stool in a nappy, potty refusal, regression, constipation, bedwetting and behavioural challenges.

Potty training is a key milestone in your child’s life and can be very daunting to parents and children.

Parents can learn a lot about their child during this process-

How they deal with success or failure

How they process information

What rewards motivate them

It is a stage where no “one size fits all”, there is no perfect time to start as all children are different.

But being prepared before you start, knowing some key facts and factoring in your child’s own personality will help you achieve success.

My session aims to help take the stress out of potty training, give you tips and practical advice to increase your knowledge and confidence.​

Guide you through potty training troubleshooting and any behavioural challenges and enable you to help your children achieve independent toileting skills and promote good bowel and bladder health for life.

My Sessions covers :

Importance of timing

Preparing the groundwork

How to know your child is ready

What you need to get started

The start day

Tips on leaving the home

Ways to make it fun

Trouble shooting

Only pooing in a nappy

How to deal with relapses

And lots of resources to share via email following the session.

The cost for Potty training is :

Internet workshops :

Attend a "Preparing for potty training" workshop over internet using zoom.

£20 per person.

Check out my booking page for all future workshops.

Face to face workshops :

Do it like a mother – for dates click here  ( 2 hour workshop in person )


The Nesting Place – for dates click here  ( 2 hour workshop in person )

​Have a one to one consultation in the home, followed by a toileting programme: £100

​​Follow up consultations.: £30/hr.

(Or via zoom: £80)

​Telephone advice (does not include a plan) is available at:

Weekday: £30 per hour

Evenings from 7 pm onwards: £35 per hour

Weekends: £40 per hour.


I also run “Friends sessions” over zoom or in the home, get a few friends together and have your own Zoom workshop.

Please message me to discuss.

Areas covered for face to face consultations = South East Essex, prices available for longer distances.


Potty training Testimonials

Oh my Gosh !, Everything has just clicked into place, 6 days no accidents, he tells me he needs a poo and toddles off and does one!!! I don't want to jinx it but i think you might be a miracle worker? July 2020

I have completed the potty training and Toddlers throwing wobblers course with Sue. Both were so helpful, i learnt so much and trust Sue to help me with any aspect of childcare now. So much so that i've also had a one to one session on sleep and fussy eating. Sue has so much knowledge and tips to share, Highly recommend. July 2020

The ‘preparing for potty training’ session was really informative and helpful. We also received prompt support to queries after the session.

Thanks, Sue!

Laura Saggers July 2020

Good morning Sue, 

I just wanted to update and thank you.

 We have had a poo on the toilet or potty for the past 3 days! We have still had the odd one in the nappy but just to have her sit on the toilet and go is wonderful! So thank you very much. July 2020

Sue’s potty-training workshop is brilliant! I felt like such a failure after a lengthy toilet training journey with my daughter who really struggled with this area, but now feel so much more positive and confident about embarking on this with my little boy. Don’t hesitate to contact Sue for advice - she is so knowledgeable and down-to-earth, is full of practical, time-saving tips and really understands little people! July 2020

Sue was recommended to me by a friend a little while ago - we were trapped a cycle of my daughter holding her poo in, messing her knickers, sore bum cheeks and the occasional poo in the potty/loo when we saw it coming and put her on it. You’d describe her as a reluctant pooer. Both my husband and I were feeling a little desperate and we knew it couldn’t be good for our daughter, but when she did do a poo we’d think maybe the cycle is broken and she’s getting it, so it took me a while to make the call, but I wish I had done it sooner. I know we have a way to go but in the 2 weeks since the call my daughter is so much more positive about going for a poo - some of the techniques suggested are fun and she’s even decided to try for poo (and succeeded) herself!
The call itself was really informative and I enjoyed talking to Sue. She understood the problem - which was a massive relief because lots of people had said it must be constipation and I knew it wasn’t. Sue gave some great techniques and suggestions and some areas to research myself, her experience and knowledge on the subject was evident and reassuring. The call also helped me step back from the problem and reset which has helped us all enormously and we all feel positive that my daughter will be able to master the skill of pooing! June 2020

“Cannot recommend enough, had both a private consultation for some issues my son was having, then attended the preparing for potty training workshop.

In under two weeks my son is taking himself to the toilet and having hardly any accidents.

It was so easy because Sue equipped us with the right tips to prepare him!

Can’t thank you enough,”

love Kat & Logan June 2020

Lifelittlesteps potty training course was recommended to us by nursery as Sue had recently been in to teach my children about handwashing.

Although we'd potty trained my daughter last year, my 2yr old little boy was proving far more stubborn and difficult.

Sue gave us practical advice, ideas, and resources, along with follow up support.

Thanks to her we've cracked it during lockdown.

Sue's help and time was invaluable, and I wholeheartedly recommend her courses!

Kate Sale June 2020

“Just done a brilliant Zoom potty training workshop with Sue from “Littlelifesteps”

Sue is extremely knowledgeable and has given me the confidence to start potty training my son.

If you’re feeling a little unsure or apprehensive about potty training your toddler I would highly recommend her!

Thank you.” May 2020

"I completed the potty-training workshop via Zoom this week and it was fantastic. Sue filled me with the confidence to begin the process of potty training and the reassurance she would be on hand to help if things did not go quite to plan. Sue was extremely informative and loaded me with the tools, links and tips to start our potty-training journey. Thanks Sue, I'm very grateful for your expertise and assistance." May 2020

"I did the potty-training course which gave us the confidence to start with our little boy. 2 weeks in and thanks to all the resources, tips and ideas it has been extremely successful,

I would definitely recommend." May 2020

"Thank you for a wonderful potty training session on Wednesday evening.
I thought the workshop was brilliant.
You gave us lots of information and tips.
I now feel well informed and confident.
I also actually preferred being able to attend via zoom and maybe this is something you could continue offering even after lockdown is lifted?
Thank you.” ,Daniellle. May 2020

I completed the potty training workshop via zoom this week and it was brilliant. Sue went through so much information and I felt confident by the end of it knowing whereabouts we were on our potty training journey and how I should continue. With an email full of documents and tips, I was set and ready to have a proper go at it. It’s only been 2 days since the workshop and today my daughter did all but one wee on her potty!
The lovely thing about Sue is that she openly recognises it’s not a ‘one size fits all’ operation and has tips and techniques for all different personalities based on her extensive experience. She also welcomes questions after the course, so I feel like if we hit a wall I’ve got someone I can go to to!
The zoom call worked perfectly. It was in the comfort of my own home, the group was small so she could answer everyone’s questions individually and i’d highly recommend to anyone wondering anything about potty training!

Thanks Sue!

april 2020

I attended one of Sue's Potty training workshops yesterday and I can not reccomend this lady enough !!!! Full of Information not only to know the signs of when your little one is ready, healthy bowel and bladder info, resources to help encourage our little ones with toilet time and potty and very useful phrases too. Thank you Sue I thoroughly enjoyed your session and came away a lot more confident !!! april 2020

I found the potty workshop to be incredibly helpful. I learnt so much during the session and it’s really helped me understand how to approach potty in a confident and relax way. Sue is clearly very experienced and knowledgable. I would definitely recommend her and her sessions.


We did the potty-training workshop because Sue had been so incredibly informative, helpful, responsive, and encouraging with helping us to get our 14-month-old to sleep through the night.

We thought, if she can help with sleep then we want her help with starting to understand potty training!

We were not let down.

Her workshop via Zoom last night (£15 for 2 hours for both my partner and I by the way - bargain!) was so interesting.

It was factual, full of helpful tips and advice and also full of feedback she has gained through her wealth of experience working with both parents and children.

I honestly cannot recommend Sue highly enough if it’s help with potty training you need, help with sleep or something else; she’s your lady!

And just to say the support afterwards is second to none, she replies so quickly to emails that you really see how committed she is to helping parents develop their confidence and feel they can overcome whatever they are struggling with.

Thanks Sue!! X


Thank you so much for the session! I wasn't too sure how you'd fill 2 hours but wow.  I found it really useful!

I attended a Potty Training course yesterday and can highly recommend. I was a bit anxious about even beginning this step with my daughter before the class. However now I feel excited and enthusiastic about the idea of starting. Sue had so much experience in this field and went over so many different ways to cope and deal with any obstacles that may be put in the way. I came away with so many ideas that I can when both ready we can put into action and try with my little one. I now have the knowledge and understanding on how to make this next step fun and enjoyable for both my daughter and me and her dad. I also learnt so much that I hadn’t even given any thought too. So thank you very much.


I attended a potty training session with Sue yesterday evening. Sue was lovely & very down to earth, so it made everything very relaxed, which helps when you talking about a subject that isnt normally discussed in public 

I feel a lot more confident about starting the whole potty training process and have already started spotting some of the signs that my little one is ready.... that I didnt even realise were signs before yesterday! 

The suggestions made to assist with the process were fab! I have a list of potential things to buy, but that shouldn’t scare anyone off, as Sue suggested things that were friendly on the wallet! (Which is always great!)

There is now a tiny bit of me thats excited to get started. Im still terrified! Lol! ....but I feel like I have a much better understanding of it all, rather than panicking that I had absolutely no idea where to start!

It was a great session that Id highly recommend! At some point in the future I can see myself booking myself another session with Sue, when we venture down the route of dry night training!

Thanks for a great session Sue! Very much appreciated!!


I attended Sue's potty training session today and i would highly recommend it. I learnt a lot of useful tips and sue advised the best way to prepare for potty training. The session was really enjoyable too. Thanks sue. Wish me luck


We had a potty training session with Sue today and it was so helpful! Lots of hints and tips and things you would never think of! Thank you so much xxx


Today I attended a potty training session led by Sue. This was held at the Therapy Life Centre in Southend. I turned up to be warmly welcomed by Sue. I wanted to attend the session in readiness for taking my twins on the potty training journey. I was clueless about the best way to go about this. During the session, Sue shared her wealth of knowledge and expertise in a very supportive way. I felt at ease to ask lots of questions and get clarification on the points being discussed. Sue was happy to answer any of my questions and offered additional support and guidance. I didn’t realise how important all the preparation with my twins beforehand would be to hopefully lead us on our successful journey. Sue helps with all of this plus giving advise on the signs a child is ready, resources that can be used and what to do if a relapse was to occur. Not only this, but I have just received some of the materials from the session via email and Sue says I can drop her a message if I need any further help. Needless to say I am no longer clueless about potty training and feel a lot more confident to take my twins on this journey when they are ready. I would highly recommend Sue and this course.
Thank you Sue.


I would highly recommend this class to anyone who is unsure on where to start with potty training, from building up basics to the day you start potty training, this class gave me the confidence in knowing what I am doing and the right things to say when helping my little one, I can’t wait to start potty training my boy Thankyou

Thank you so much for the resources and the time you spent educating us on  potty training. I very much enjoyed the workshop and feel better equipped with reliable information to begin our journey.

I thought the prep work you covered was very insightful and a great introduction for parents to establish the right foundation. Also highlighting the importance of positive language to reinforce at home and at nursery was a key take away for me.

My little one and I chose some knickers, reward stickers and whilst we have been away on holiday we have been exploring books and flushing “poo down the loo!”. The fun will continue once we are at home no doubt as little one has begun to talk / reference her nappy so I think she is displaying positive signs we are ready to start our transition.

Thank you again for your time spent and knowledge shared,

I’ll be in touch if encounter any hurdles along the way.

I went to a potty-training class in July, started training my daughter two days after, the advice and tips offered were so useful it made it so much easier as I didn’t know where to start. Would really recommend this class as I don’t think it would’ve been as easy to potty train without me knowing what I did when I came away.

“I have today attended the potty-training talk with Sue. What a wonderful informative two hours it was. I feel much better prepared to begin our potty-training journey, understanding a bit more about how the little ones think and how my reactions will also impact this. Thank you for sharing your knowledge” Kirstie x

“We had Sue do a home visit for me and my NCT group for her potty-training course and it was fantastic. Very informative and fun, it made me feel less anxious and more confident when it comes to this important step for my child.

Highly recommend”. Sophie

“I knew the potty-training stage was looming but I’ve been dreading it! Being my first child, I had no idea where to start with it all, which really didn’t help me either. So, I decided to book onto one of Sue’s Potty Training Courses and it was AMAZING!
Beforehand, a few people poopooed (no pun intended lol) the idea of me booking onto a Potty training course & said “it’s easy” or “just get on with it, you learn as you go” but I’m so glad I ignored them & went and saw Sue. Sue is so friendly & an absolute fountain of knowledge & makes things so simple to follow & understand. I actually left the session excited to get started on my daughters training & feel I have the confidence to help her achieve what needs to be done first time of trying, which as I learned today is so important. I have all the info for most scenarios & feel completely ready to tackle potty training head on! Absolutely can’t recommend Sue & this Course enough! Thank you Sue!” x

“ I had a really great, informative and relaxed session with Sue. She left me feeling prepared and ready for the challenge of potty training ahead” Sally

“I’ve recently attended a potty-training workshop with Sue and highly recommend it. It covered so many interesting and helpful stages in a supportive way. Sue is a knowledgeable trainer, and I’m feeling much more confident as we approach potty training with my little one. Thank you!” Emma

“ I attended the potty training workshop with Sue last night and came away feeling very prepped and ready. The session was very relaxed, informative and Sue was very happy to answer any questions and give advice. Would definitely recommend.” Ashleigh

“So glad that we both decided to attend the potty training course..the whole thing filled me with dread but I feel much more prepared, we both felt we learnt a lot and have a toolkit to tackle the most common issues like hiding, withholding etc and the fact that you get after support from Sue is really reassuring and well worth the cost of the workshop” -Danielle

Hi Sue, I just wanted to say thank you! I attended one of your potty training sessions a little while back now and I just wanted to say how brilliant it was! You gave me the knowledge and confidence I needed to succeed....and we have just succeeded (well, we started on Sat afternoon) and have not had any leaks since Sunday, despite leaving the house every day! Our little boy really has taken to it like a duck to water.
I believe our success has been down to planting the seeds before actually starting the official “training”.  but we are there and my little boy is now able to go for longer periods between wees; we then read quite a few books on the subject! He’s still nervous about needing to poo on the potty so we are still working on that (and hand washing afterwards).
You were so friendly and informative, and the follow up service you provide is second to none! I’m sure I will be contacting you again in the future with any other “challenges” we may have.
Thanks again, Jess xxx

I asked Sue for help with my son’s toilet training regression and constipation. She’s been great.  I’ve learned so much and she’s given such detailed advice and suggested techniques to try, along with dietary advice.

I know it’s going to take time but I’ve seen a massive improvement in just 2 weeks.

She’s great value for money for the time she spent before, during and after the consultation and her knowledge is amazing. I’d highly recommend Littlelifesteps. 

Thanks again Sue.

The potty-training course with Sue was great. Sue delivered a really interesting and informative session, which was fun and held everyone’s interest. Sue was happy with lots of questions and knew all the answers. We plan on starting our potty-training journey in a few weeks and I now feel prepared to begin, thank you Sue

It’s been a long journey for us, with a very stubborn daughter who took an instant dislike to the potty and any attempts I made to try and train her.
We attended a course in July, we received so may tips and understanding of her behaviour. We went back to basics with Sues ongoing help and support, to build the right steps towards successful potty training.
Our daughter is now confident to use the potty on her own. I didn’t think we would ever get to this stage!
Thank you!”

Fantastic tips for potty training, and my little boy was dry within a week. Thanks so much

Amazing workshop thoroughly enjoyed the private potty-training workshop from the comfort of my own home with friends! Very informative and lots of new useful tips and props!  .. excited to start the potty-training journey now with all my new knowledge thank you so much sue! 

I attended one of Sue's Potty-training workshops yesterday and I cannot recommend this lady enough!!!! Full of Information not only to know the signs of when your little one is ready, healthy bowel and bladder info, resources to help encourage our little ones with toilet time and potty and very useful phrases too. Thank you Sue I thoroughly enjoyed your session and came away feeling more confident

Attended the potty-training class. Really excellent tips and advice which was so helpful when we potty trained. Learnt a lot and would highly recommend

I have been to 2 of Sue’s workshops now; potty training and toddlers throwing wobblers. Both classes have been very informative, interesting and full of real life advice. The resources sent after the class and support have been so helpful to our family. Thank you!

Tel 07722002132     :     Email sue@littlelifesteps.com