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Zoom Zoom here I come

Updated: Jul 16

Staying home sessions.

Due to our current situation I have moved onto Zoom for the foreseeable future.

Exciting and scary at the same time.

We are in a crazy world at the moment with lots of uncertainty and tough times ahead. But with lots of parents staying home and spending more time with their children it is a perfect time to support them with some self-care skills needed for potty training.

This week my “preparing for potty training “session was delivered by Zoom and worked extremely well, same full workshop, was able to show all my resources and equipment. Time to answer lots of questions and I am still able to offer the same aftercare service for any little blips or questions that may arise.

Dates available click here.

With my fairly new “Toddlers throwing wobblers” workshop I have been getting my thinking cap on about the best way forward to deliver this online.

Following feedback from many parents who have attended my face to face sessions, I have decided to combine my one to one behaviour visits and workshops and I am changing my workshop to a 4-week course.

Delivered each week, same time and day for 60 minutes each session. Totalling 4 hours.

My 4-week course will provide the opportunity:

· For parents to process the information in bite size chunks

· To use some of the techniques each week

· For parents to think about their different parenting styles and the way they communicate with their children

· For parents to share information with their partners and discuss changes for their own family

· For me to work with the parent to build a unique toolbox of techniques to support their own individual child.

This combination of my one to one behaviour support and group workshop is an ideal time when families are spending a lot more time together and having to make adjustments to family life, picking up some tips and tools can help with the many challenges.

I will be making these sessions small, maximum of 6 parents to allow for the personal touch.

I will ask the parent for information via a quick questionnaire prior to the start date so I can tailor the course for parents’ goals and the ages and stages of their children.

I will share my training and years of experience to help parents improve their knowledge of age appropriate behaviours and increase their confidence.

My aim is to support parents to build strong healthy relationships with small changes.

If this interests you then click here for dates.

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