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Hiccups when starting solids.

Feeding not going well ? - cautious eaters?

 Think of all the physical skills your baby is trying to master (e.g. hand eye co-ordination, feeding, chewing, swallowing, holding, all while breathing in and out.) It’s a lot to take on.

Remember you provide the food, they decide how much.

Top tips:

  •    Try a little bit of the food yourself first and make yummy noises to show how to do it and how good it is. Make big exaggerated mouth movements.

  •    Remember your baby may be tired or hungry.

  •   Relax, your baby may sense your anxiety and associate this with feeding.

  • Ensure your baby has head control and can sit unsupported in a highchair.

  •   Check the environment is not too stimulating, turn TV off etc.

  •    Make sure you are not trying foods when you are rushed, babies will pick up on this, they need time.

  •   Offer water in a free-flowing cup with food, some babies like to clear their mouth between foods.

  •    Relax and do not lose heart if it takes time. All babies are different. If your baby is pooing ,weeing and is healthy then all is going well.     To begin with, give baby milk before solids so not hungry.    Watch odours in the house, baby may be hypersensitive to strong smells, as this can put baby  off of eating. (Remember positively link any food smell with trying a new food).

     Your baby may not be ready for solids yet, wait a few days and then try again.

Encourage playful feeding :

Dipping : Give them a mix of finger food and thin purees and show them how to dip and lick. 

Put puree on the highchair and let them dip a finger and lick.

Peek-a-boo : Baby may enjoy an element of surprise. Put three empty yoghurt pots upside down on their tray with a cube of cheese hidden under each one.

 Grate food  : (cheese, egg white, apple) and watch your little one having a go picking it up.

 Stack a pancake  :  Give them three pancakes and show them how to stack them, give them a pot of yoghurt and some raspberries and see what fun they can have.

Remember : No honey under age one !

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