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Activities to do with an active toddler

 New baby and an active toddler?

Here’s some ideas to keep them entertained.

If they don't want to tidy up, choose one of their teddies and get teddy to ask them to do things. They will probably listen to teddy.

Simple household tasks, like getting or putting washing in and out of machine (just beware of safety and washing tablets).

Matching socks, mums or dads or siblings.    

Just put music on and start dancing around the room. You will feel better and children will love it.

After active play, suggest laying down like sleeping bears and say you will count and they can jump up when you reach a number.

Or suggest they be a snake or another animal, be creative and slither across the floor.

Offer a suggestion of walking differently across the lounge

  • Try walking slowly or on tiptoe, with big steps, tiny steps, in a straight line, try hopping, skipping, jumping or even zig -zagging across the room.

  • Have fun doing this with them and even hold baby at same time they will find it funny.

Toddlers love to run. Try tying scarfs to objects like dining chairs. Then say:

“one, two, ready run. Run to the chair”

Repeat the same phrase for other objects.

If interested in colours, add in the colour of scarf.

” Now run to the blue scarf”

Perfect if you are breastfeeding and they need entertaining.

Try sponge play, throw and catch them (or even aim them into a container) - they are nice and soft and won’t hurt the baby if they land on them.

Save some cardboard tubes, kitchen roll, wrapping paper.

Good to have big and little so they are learning this concept.

Choose some toys that will fit inside.

Show them how to hold the tube at an angle so that the toy will fall out the other side.

Say funny words as they put the toy down the tube like

“shazam” Or “whoosh”.

Talk about big and little as they choose the tube.

You could even add in a box and the toy falls through into a box.

Watch your toddlers delight at seeing the toy appear.

Find your pack of playing cards, toddlers will love to post them. Make a slit in an old shoe box. Talk about posting them to different people,  “post one to nanny”

They will enjoy dropping them and picking them up again and again and should keep them quiet for a long time.


while keeping them entertained, these games help:   

  • increase their vocabulary 

  • Improve their motor skills.

  • Develop their listening skills.

Hope your little ones enjoy them.

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