• Do you have regular problems with your child's temperament?

  • Does this end up in an emotional battle?

  • Are you having trouble communicating with your little ones?

  • Are your children pushing your buttons?

If you answered yes to some of these questions the you are not alone. Parenting is not easy and the old saying goes

" They don't come with a manual"​

However help is just a click away.

Littlelifesteps highly successful face to face and zoom workshop is now available to view in your own time and at your own pace.

Why Littlelifesteps ?

Sue at Littlelifesteps has helped hundreds of families turn their home into a positive and happy environment, by teaching the parents to understand their child's behaviours.

Read what some of them have to say....

“We have just completed this course with Sue and we’ve already seen a massive improvement with Remi’s behaviour, Sue taught us the triggers and skills to deal with them, and the logic behind his melt downs. Both of us feel calmer and more able to deal with it now, thank you Sue for going above and beyond with some specific problems we were having!”

“Since our consultation he’s been very loving and very cuddly, sleeping much better and his behaviour has done a total 180. A much happier household!” Lauren.

Me and partner took Littlelifesteps course and it has changed our perspective completely.
We have been able to implement new techniques to help with teeth brushing which has been amazing.
Harrison cannot wait to brush his teeth now. We feel we are able to communicate and understand Harrison's triggers so much more now.
100% recommend , Thank you

Thanks Sue. Just wanted a say a huge thank you as I have found this course so useful. Lots of little things we have put into place already and are working so well. It really has been a great course.
Thanks again.

If you would like to learn ...

  • How to spot the triggers that cause bad behaviour.

  • New parenting styles that understand the way your child's brain works.

  • Positive strategies that help calm the outbursts.

  • Tips & tricks on Teeth brushing, getting dressed, etc.

  • Skills to encourage your child to manage their feelings.

Then this online video course is for you......

On completing the course you will ....

  • Be more confident in taking your children into public situations.

  • Develop a loving parent/child relationship.

  • Understand the tantrum from your childs point of view.

  • Experience a calmer happy household.

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