Introduction to solids


Want to create "good eaters" for the future?

Then book an introduction to solids session in the comfort of your own home.

Introduction to solids was formerly known as weaning. The reason for this change is that, in the past we weaned babies from milk (breast or formula) onto solid foods, however after extensive research it is now current guidelines to offer solids alongside their milk. Babies get far more nutrients and vitamins from their milk than from a carrot. Their milk feeds continue to supply all the nutrients they need during this process. Babies lead the way and drop the milk when they are ready.

Around 6 months is the recommended age for the introduction of solids but remember all babies are unique and looking at their developmental stages of readiness is key.

I have noticed when working with lots of parents, when you mention introduction to solids certain anxieties always arise, “messy” and “choking”.

Yes, it will be messy! But babies learn through their senses so need to smell, touch, taste and see the food. Feeling the food is as much a part of the experience as actually eating it.


And yes, choking can happen but is not as common as gagging. Gagging is a natural reflex. Many babies gag when learning to manage solids, it prevents choking. Always staying with your baby when eating and lots of other advice to prevent choking and mess are covered in my sessions.


I have a keen interest in healthy eating and understand the importance of getting it right from the start.
This can be a very daunting time for parents and comes around so quick, one day you have a new-born, the next you are downloading recipe apps and trying to improve your cooking skills. This is why I developed a session with the NHS to deliver to parents, helping them make informed decisions on how they feed their little ones.

My Sessions cover :

Latest research- no rush to mush
When to start / signs not related to readiness
Baby led versus purees
Getting started, Foods to try/ avoid
Food safety, choking and gagging
Drinks to offer baby/cups
Jars versus homemade


My sessions are provided in your home lasting approximately 2 hours ( maybe longer, depending on questions ). The host receives a free goodie bag.

Group sessions work well in the home environment as parents say they feel more relaxed to ask questions.

At the end of my introduction to solids session, 100% of parents have commented that they feel more confident and relaxed in starting solids.

After the session, i can provide useful resources and websites via email, and will be available for further support.

The cost for Introduction to solids is :

Personal one to one in the clients home:  £80.

Invite one friend :  £40 each.

Invite two / three friends : £30 each.

Invite four or more friends : £25 each.

Telephone advice is available at:

Weekday: £30 per hour

Evenings from 7 pm onwards: £35 per hour

Weekends: £40 per hour.

 please message me to discuss.

Weekend / Evening sessions available for partners to be involved.

Areas covered = South East Essex, prices available for longer distances.


Introduction to solids Testimonials

I recommend Sue from Little Life Steps introducing solids class. Sue came to my home yesterday and made me feel more confident in weaning my son as I was feeling very anxious about it. She explained which foods to avoid, how to prevent choking, the difference between choking and gagging, products on the market and so much more! She is a very experienced lady and can answer any question you throw at her. 5 stars , Georgina.


Thanks Sue for a great introduction to solids talk today! Would highly recommend this course to other Mumma’s. Definitely learnt things I never knew and now feel confident to get going with Axl’s lunches


I attended Sue’s baby led feeding session with a group of friends and our babies. It was so nice that this was held in one of our homes as it felt so relaxed. Sue is such a lovely lady and no question felt too silly. We were well informed using current guidelines, followed up with an email of the literature used. I feel that I have come away that bit more confident in starting this exciting new chapter in my baby’s development xx


Sue ran a session on baby led weaning for a group of us. As a first time mum you want to follow everything recommended for your child but there were no classes in this area for baby led weaning and I really had no idea what I should have been doing. Sue's session was invaluable. She ran through the types of food we should be introducing, when is the right time to start and some great recipe ideas. Most importantly she did a section on choking which put me more at ease when first starting out.
I would really recommend these sessions.



Excellent morning on feeding! Highly recommended and training delivered in a personable but professional way that covered everything i need to know as a first time Dad. Many thanks Sue and we’ll be in touch about your other courses! Paul & Jess



Absolutely amazing. Learned a lot about introducing solids to my boy, I feel confident it will be a really easy and fun.
Sue’s knowledge is based in research and it is all about the right thing for the baby!
Really interesting information regarding already made food for babies


Massive thank you to Littlelifesteps for all your help and support on introducing solids to our little one!!Excellent knowledge , Handy tips , Very approachable , Convenient home sessions , Excellent service , Highly recommend.



I'm so so glad I met sue and undertook the weaning class. sue was so helpful and I don't feel so worried about undertaking the weaning journey. the course was so informative and have me lots of ideas for foods to feed my baby.



I was worried about choking before the session, found information on gagging very useful and will now be more confident.


Was a very relaxed & comfortable session, Sue was very knowledgeable and friendly.


Great knowing what foods they can eat and how to serve them, understanding the contents & hidden ingredients in pouches. We all want to do the best for our children, so any advice on this is beneficial.



Great opportunity to ask questions  -  small group number helped.


Found it useful to be able to ask questions & the information about bought baby foods and when baby is ready for solids, would highly recommend this session.



Really enjoyed the session delivered in a nice friendly manner. The info on salts / sugars on packets, and times to feed very useful.



“I did a introduction to solid foods session today. I found it so informative and reassuring. I was really anxious about the whole food introduction with my son I feel now I know a lot more about it and can make some hopefully some good choices for him. I would definately recommend “☺️- Jade