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Hand hygiene


Hand hygiene sessions for nurseries and schools


Littlelifesteps offers a fun, interactive session for nursery and school aged children.

The session is adapted for different age ranges using age appropriate language and resources.

I come to your nursery or school with my hand hygiene light box and special wash and glow UV germ lotion which the children love to use as it glows bright green under the light box.

The lotion is safe for use on sensitive skin, it is hypoallergenic and is made using invisible UV germ technology.

If you haven’t seen this before – I am happy to attend a staff meeting

and let the staff have a go and practise their hand washing!



My lesson plan covers:

The five important times to wash hands

The five important areas to wash, using fun words so children can remember.

It is very visual, and the children receive a certificate and follow up activities that staff can use after.

I bring along a child size sink for a nominated child to wash their hands with me, following the 5 steps.

Every child who wants to partake has special cream applied and then they use the light box to see the glowing cream that represents the germs. They then wash their hands and use the light box again to see if they still have germs on their hands and where the germs are.

It is a very useful reinforcement to the routine you already have in place to teach the children at your nursery\school this very important skill.

Evaluation forms previously state:

“age appropriate”, “hands on”, “enjoyable”, “children loved it”, “simple and clear”, “interactive”.

Good hand washing techniques can prevent many diseases.

According to Asthma society research, 80% of diseases can be prevented from good handwashing.

Common diseases are:

Norovirus, Flu, Common cold, Hand foot and mouth, Conjunctivitis, Impetigo, Respiratory infections, Gastrointestinal infections.


Nearly 22 million school days are lost each year due to the common cold and this is preventable by good handwashing techniques and knowing the common areas of the hands missed by your children.

This will also reduce your staff absences.

I share with your staff common hand washing mistakes found in childcare settings.


The ideal time to book a session is one term in after starting reception class.

They have had time to settle into their new environment.

Germs are tough, and the children need good handwashing skills to beat the bugs.

Contact me for details.


mobile : 07722002132