(toddlers throwing wobblers)

Are you tired of yelling, power struggles, losing your temper or constantly repeating yourself ?

If the answer is Yes, Littlelifesteps can help, by teaching you positive parenting skills

to help achieve a happy and calm household.

Positive parenting is an approach to parenting that aims to help children develop and manage their own behaviour.

Just a few small changes can help parents build a strong and healthy relationship with their little ones.

Children who grow up with positive parenting are likely to feel good about themselves and have high self-esteem.


I am Triple P Trained ( positive parenting programme) and will support you to improve your confidence and skills to help support your little ones learning and development.

Parenting becomes easier when your own needs are met, which in turn makes it much easier to be patient with your child.

I offer one to one home sessions where I will support you to get to know your child and their triggers.

I will discuss age appropriate development and  topics such as:

The escalation trap
Body language
Accidental rewards
Having realistic expectations

Parenting styles
Giving clear, calm instructions
Positive discipline strategies you can use in everyday life.

I ask parents to complete a behavioural chart first, noting down their child’s struggles

and work on individual issues affecting them.


New to 2020, I will be running a “toddlers throwing wobblers “workshops at various venues across Essex

also as home sessions with a few friends invited.


Come along to a workshop and hear all about positive techniques to help you build a

unique toolbox to help your children deal with their struggles.

Learn their possible triggers and develop your child's skills,


How to communicate and get on with others,

How to manage feelings,

How to be independent


How to solve problems.

Sometimes small changes can make a big difference.

The cost for behaviour support is :

Internet workshops :

Attend a "toddlers throwing wobblers" workshop over internet using zoom.

£40 per household. (4 x 45-minute weekly sessions )

Free follow up session 1 month after course completed.

Check out my booking page for all future workshops.

Face to face workshops :

Do it like a mother – for dates click here  ( 2 x 90-minute, weekly workshops in person )


The Nesting Place – for dates click here  ( 1 x 2-hour workshop in person )

​Have a one to one consultation in the home, followed by a behaviour programme: from £120

​​Follow up consultations.: £30/hr.

(Or via zoom: from £100)

Weekend appointments add on £15 extra.

​Telephone advice (does not include a plan) is available at:

Weekday: £30 per hour

Evenings from 7 pm onwards: £35 per hour

Weekends: £40 per hour.


I also run “Friends sessions” over zoom or in the home, get a few friends together and have your own Zoom workshop.

Please message me to discuss.

Areas covered for face to face consultations = South East Essex, prices available for longer distances.

Behaviour Testimonials

“Since our consultation he’s been very loving and very cuddly, sleeping much better and his behaviour has done a total 180.

A much happier household!

Lauren Nov 2020

Thanks for another great course, Sue!

I took away some really helpful tips from the ‘toddlers throwing wobblers’ session that will undoubtedly help me better navigate the tricky toddler years “

Oct 2020

“Me and my husband had an hour telephone conversation with Sue mainly regarding our 2 year olds behaviour towards his 8 month old little brother.
He had started to get a bit too rough and we wanted to know the best way to deal with it before things got a lot worse. We also talked about general behaviour and a bit on eating habits. We got so much out of the hours session and have really tried to implement all the tips she gave us, already just 1 day in we have seen little improvements. Thank you so much Sue, it really was so helpful and hopefully we will continue to see an improvement and can use these tips going forward for when our youngest is a toddler! “Claire and Steve  May 2020


“Just completed this 4 week course with Sue and we’ve already seen a massive improvement with Remi’s behaviour, sue taught us the triggers and skills to deal with them, and the logic behind his melt downs. Both of us feel calmer and more able to deal with it now 😁 thank you Sue for going above and beyond with some specific problems we were having! See you for potty training no doubt!”  May 2020

Really informative and excellent methods/ techniques are really helpful.

Well planned and thought out, useful information to use to help with my child’s development

Insightful session- gave us lots of things to reflect on and consider our own actions. Really useful tips and practical solutions that we will be trying out. Enjoyed it a lot

Great session. Lots of good ideas to try , will think more about my parenting styles.

Insightful- made me reconsider the way I deal with mine and my child’s emotions.

Very informative with lots of tools for my parenting toolbox!. Reframing things in a positive light.

Thanks for another great course, Sue! I took away some really helpful tips from the ‘toddlers throwing wobblers’ session that will undoubtedly help me better navigate the tricky toddler years 


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