(toddlers throwing wobblers)

Are you tired of yelling, power struggles, losing your temper or constantly repeating yourself ?


If the answer is Yes, Littlelifesteps can help, by teaching you positive parenting skills

to help achieve a happy and calm household.

Positive parenting is an approach to parenting that aims to help children develop and manage their own behaviour.

Just a few small changes can help parents build a strong and healthy relationship with their little ones.

Children who grow up with positive parenting are likely to feel good about themselves and have high self-esteem.


I am Triple P Trained ( positive parenting programme) and will support you to improve your confidence and skills to help support your little ones learning and development.

Parenting becomes easier when your own needs are met, which in turn makes it much easier to be patient with your child.

I offer one to one home sessions where I will support you to get to know your child and their triggers.

I will discuss age appropriate development and  topics such as:

The escalation trap
Body language
Accidental rewards
Having realistic expectations

Parenting styles
Giving clear, calm instructions
Positive discipline strategies you can use in everyday life.

I ask parents to complete a behavioural chart first, noting down their child’s struggles

and work on individual issues affecting them.


New to 2021, I will be running a “toddlers throwing wobblers “workshops at various venues across Essex

also as home sessions on zoom while we are in lockdown.


Come along to a workshop and hear all about positive techniques to help you build a

unique toolbox to help your children deal with their struggles.

Learn their possible triggers and develop your child's skills,


How to communicate and get on with others,

How to manage feelings,

How to be independent


How to solve problems.

Sometimes small changes can make a big difference.