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Super School Ready Course 2024

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My Super school ready course is packed with information, tips and loads of resources.

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So who am I?

I am the lady who solves parents biggest challenges and I do it with play, fun and a sprinkle of my child development know -how.
I leave families feeling happier and calmer by supporting them with sleep, behaviour, eating , toileting and starting school.

Super Sue

Super Sue.

I’m Sue Welby, often known as “Super Sue” or “the wee and poo lady.”
I support parents to understand and help their children to conquer toileting, sleep, and behaviour challenges. These three stressful aspects, which are often linked, may have you feeling helpless. But you are not a failure.
That’s how I felt as a first-time mum, after I didn’t receive the support I needed to help me guide my daughter through her challenges.

I am a believer in understanding and working with, not against, our children’s individual needs, interests, strengths, and personalities.

I’m here to show you how to work with your child’s unique temperament , strengths and interests.
My step-by-step video courses and 1-2-1 customized plans provide you with practical and non-judgmental guidance to overcome hurdles to your child’s development.
I use connection, play and setting clear boundaries to help you more forward and understand your child's struggles more.

I’d love to be your guiding hand in a way forward that puts your child at the centre for a calmer and happier home. 

Your child's temperament.

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Sue x

My goal:

To help parents understand their child more.

What parents say about LLS.❤

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Sleep support.

Behaviour course

Toileting Support

The Goulding Sleep Talk Method.

Let's create a physical neuro connection- and overtime your child's positive thoughts will become their reality.

The magic is in the method.

Would you like to be able to make positive changes at home like this family below?

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