Need help promoting your child's healthy sleep routine?

Being a mother myself and coping with sleepless nights, I know how emotionally difficult it can be to deal with sleep challenges.

That is why I am keen to share my knowledge and expertise with families to support them on their sleep journeys. A parent who is sleep deprived can be left with a feeling of jet lag, without the holiday and find it hard to function day to day.

 I have supported hundreds of parents over the years, and it is so rewarding to watch families grow in confidence after understanding their child’s sleep patterns and stages that can affect their sleep.

The benefits of sleep are huge:

the growth hormone is released
more blood is directed to developing muscles
white blood cells are produced, which supports the immune system
their little bodies can repair themselves
they become more mentally alert
increased daytime energy levels
setting healthy habit for future life
improved daytime mood, behaviour and performance
gives the child the opportunity to process what they have learnt that day

I will support you  to understand the nature of your child’s sleep problem and offer an appropriate solution.

I am fully Millpond trained in sleep techniques and can provide the tools to equip you to teach your child the skills for sleeping

I will provide guidance on:

how much sleep for your child’s needs/sleep cycles
understanding sleep associations
creating a good bedtime routine
establishing day and night
importance of daytime naps
common sleep problems
sleep training methods
positive reinforcement rewards (around age 3 years)

I will work with you one to one to achieve a tailored sleep program, or I can offer sleep workshops covering the above topics in your home with a group of friends.

The cost for sleep support is :

Initial consultation in your home, and a sleep programme : £80

Follow up consultations. : £30/hr.

Telephone consultations are available at £10 per 30 minutes, please message me to discuss.

Weekend / Evening sessions available for partners to be involved.

Areas covered = South East Essex, prices available for longer distances.

mobile : 07722002132

Sleep Testamonials

Dear Sue from LittleLifeSteps,

When I first met you (well I should say re-met you as I've actually known you since I was about 12!) and we chatted about what you do I was skeptical. You explained how you’ve worked with children for years and how you wanted to use all of your experience and training to help families overcome struggles and milestones. You told me how you ran potty training and weaning workshops, how you are trained in baby massage and that you are a sleep consultant. When you mentioned the words 'sleep consultant' I felt myself tense up slightly. I'd always considered seeing a sleep consultant but I thought that Smidge was beyond help and that he was just a 'bad sleeper' but a very small part of me saw some hope when I met you. Could you be the one to help us? You were clearly very knowledgeable and passionate about what you do but could you be the one who could get the incredible non sleeping baby to sleep?? When you offered us a free sleep consultation in return for my honest review on my blog I figured what did I have to loose? Looking back now it was one of the best decisions we ever made!

Now, not to be over dramatic or anything but you have changed our lives. Yes, that's really have! Before we sat down with you for our consultation it felt like things were a bit of a mess. Smidgey had no real concrete routine, he was sleeping horrendously and would be up 4/5 even 6 times every night and most nights hubby would end up coming downstairs and sleeping with him on the sofa because it was the only way we could all get some sleep. Our situation was a world away from the one we wanted to be in. Smidge was still sleeping in our room because we felt he couldn't share with Pickle yet because he was up and down so much each night. Hubby and I hadn't been out just the two of us ever since Smidge was born because we didn't want to leave him with anyone because he was such a bad sleeper. We hadn't even had 1 night since Smidge was born that we had been able to share our own bed just the two of us for a full night. Smidge would either end up in with us or Hubs would end up downstairs. It was horrendous but we had just accepted that this was our life now and this was the way it had to be.

Only it didn't have to be that way. You came along and you gave us all the tools and the confidence to change things. It took a few weeks of hard work, tears (from all of us!) and sacrifice but it worked! We are now exactly where we wanted to be. Smidge is sleeping pretty much all the way through the night (except for the odd times where he can't find his dummy) and goes to bed with no problems what so ever. He doesn't wake up and refuse to go back to sleep anymore and he has become such a 'good' sleeper that we have now moved the boys in together. This has meant that Hubby and I now have our room AND our bed back! We've even turned the space where his cot used to be into an office area with a desk and shelves etc meaning that there is really no turning back! That is how confident you have made us. Smidge is napping brilliantly in the day time and we now have a happy, well rested home. Hubby and I have even been able to go away for an entire night!! I now don't worry about leaving him for the night and it is all thanks to you!

People that are close to us have seen the change. They have asked throughout the process how things have been going and I have always been honest with them. Sometimes it has been bloody hard and I have questioned why we were doing it but it was worth it! I have recommended you to so many people because I really do believe that it is thank to you that we are where we are now. The 2/3 hours you spent with us when you did the consultation gave us all the skills that we needed. You explained why you'd suggested things and that helped us understand the logic and the reasoning behind what needed to change. You gave us (especially me) constant support and that is something I am so grateful for. I will never forget how surprised I was when you replied to my desperate text that I sent you at midnight during the 2nd week of our sleep training. You will never know how much it meant in that moment to gain some clarity from you and to know that I wasn't alone.

So thank you Sue. You are amazing and I would recommend anyone that needs help ,especially with sleeping, to come to you. You are so patience, knowledgeable, understanding and passionate and I really cannot thank you enough for what you have done for me and my family.

Love (a fully rested and happy) Ami xxxx

We would like to express our sincere thanks and appreciation for all your assistance and hard work with our son & the difficulties we were facing with his sleep habits & our broken nights.

I am pleased to say that after implementing your structured program and following strictly to all your suggestions, i feel we are well on our way to sleep heaven. After 2 years of sleepless nights, we have finally turned a corner.

We truly believe that your advice and hands on approach to sleep behaviour is something that we wished we had with our older son when we were experiencing the same problem. We know where to come if he slips back into old habits.

David & Shivon.

Sue’s knowledge and advice has been amazing. My son was still not sleeping through the night at 9 months and was waking constantly, it was really exhausting and frustrating.

I was sceptical at first because I couldn’t imagine him ever sleeping throughout but I can honestly say that her plan she tailored specifically for my son worked fantastically. He now sleeps through the night which I’m so pleased about and I am also putting into practice the other information I have been given in order for him to self settle so he can nap during the day at set times.

I will most certainly recommend Sue to other parents and I will definitely request her services with other parenting issues that I may encounter in the future.

I’d also like to add that Sue is very personable, professional and non-judgemental. I am so pleased I instructed her to help as her knowledge has made a massive improvement to my life and my son’s routine.


We can’t thank Sue enough for all of her help with tackling long bedtime routines and top tips with trying to keep our little one asleep and in his own bed! She has so much knowledge and experience; it’s made our lives so much easier and finally we are seeing light at the end of the tunnel! Even after the consultation she is in contact to see how you’re getting on with extra support! Thank you so much Sue xx


Sue or SuperSue as me and my wife like to call her has been a godsend to us when it come to parenting she has a wealth of knowledge on bringing up children and shares that with you in way that doesn't seem like a overload of information. As a dad I would recommend guys to be there with their partner when sue is there as it's helped me to understand what to do and how to do it regarding weening, putting the kids to bed and other matters. Also it helps so you and your other half are both on the same page when it comes to parenting your children.
Thanks again SuperSue


Sue has given us so much help over the last few months. We have learnt so many tips on promoting sleep, weaning and supporting baby’s development. Can’t recommend Sue enough. Thank you for all of the support you have given us! Kirsty, Sam and Archie x


Thank you Sue for helping get my 18month to sleep! The suggestions and advice you gave me were so invaluable I wish I had booked you sooner!! I would highly recommend Little Life Steps, I will be back for your potty training techniques in a few months!!


I can’t recommend Sue enough. We had never had a full nights sleep since welcoming Joey into the world 18 months ago. Constant battling with trying to get him into his own bed, endless nights of spending hours on end laying in a cot with him, months and months of him asleep in mine and my fiancé’s bed. We are only on day 7 but the changes that have been made are amazing. To us Sue is the most amazing person we could ever of met and I’ll be forever thankful for her sleep tips and guidance. Thank you.. Amy, Fred and Joey x x


Sue is amazing and has helped us so much!! From the moment we spoke on the phone I loved her. She is a very warm, compassionate lady. She works with the family so she can learn about your own individual situation. Our daughter is almost 7 and I thought it was going to be impossible to sort out the bad habits but with Sue’s help we have made so much progress and still continuing to do so. I do not dread bedtime like I did in the past - Thanks so much sue


Sue’s help has honestly changed our life. Since our Son came along almost 9 months ago we never got more than 2 hours sleep at a time, and after 6 months of this it was taking its toll on us all with a very sleep deprived house.

Since we implemented the changes Sue recommended after meeting us and our little boy, we noticed marked changes almost right away. Our little boy started sleeping for 6 hours straight and waking up much happier and learning skills to self-settle which he lacked.

There were a few hurdles along the way and a few tough nights which were to be expected but we knew we had to stick with it to give our son the best sleep he could have and that he needed. Simple things like the bedtime routine are amazing, we can now see our son settle as we run through the routine, and he goes into his bed awake and happy and self-settles without a tear within minutes.

Previously we would have an hour or so battle of tears (sometimes on both sides) to soothe him to sleep with endless rocking etc.

Seeking Sues help was the best thing we did. She helped us find a routine for our little boy that was straight forward, and most importantly has benefitted all of our health and well being with much needed sleep.
Since we started working with Sue she has been on hand for further email support regarding the sleep whenever we need the help, as with babies there is always another thing that happens and its about how you deal with that to help them get the sleep they need. She has been and continues to be a great support to our family.

Now we have been in the routine a few months our sons sleep has improved, and whilst he is a naturally early riser (like his mum), he now goes to bed happily around 7pm and wakes between 5-6am ready for the day ahead.


Are 17 month old has always slept well but often would only settle if we stayed with her. With a baby due any day now we had Sue come to the house and point us in the right direction to get our little one to go down quickly and without needing us. Sue spent time with us talk through our needs and then tailoring a plan for our family! The plan had steps to follow over days, eventually she could just be put down and we walk away! No crying she is just happy in her cot. Sue is on hand to answer any questions or worries and kept in touch throughout! If your struggling to get your little ones to bed or to stay in bed definitely give Sue a ring! Thanks Sue for all your help


Sue put together a personalised plan for my youngest son when he started co-sleeping after a stint of illness, starting preschool, moving into a big boy bed etc. Sue provided me with the support and encouragement I needed to get him sleeping through the night and in his own bed again fully within just over a week! She was responsive and caring in her guidance and I cannot thank her enough for all her help and support during such a difficult period. I couldn’t have got him back into good sleeping habits without Sue. Would highly recommend xx