Preparing for potty training workshops are currently running at Nurture Nook, Wickford, Essex.     Sunday 18th August 2019.      10:30 - 12:30.  to book a place click here.

Preparing for potty training workshops are currently running at Baby Bears Mother & Toddler group, Upminster, Essex. Monday 2nd September 2019.      19:30 - 21:30. to book a place click here

Preparing for potty training workshops are currently running at The Nesting Place, Chelmsford, Essex. Saturday 7th September 2019.     13:30 - 15:30. to book a place click here

Preparing for potty training workshops are currently running at The Nurture Nook, Wickford, Essex. Saturday 28th September 2019.     10:30 - 12:30. to book a place click here

I have worked with the NHS for many years supporting and offering advice to parents on preparing for potty training and solving problems, such as only passing a stool in a nappy, potty refusal, regression, constipation, bedwetting and behavioural challenges.

Potty training is a key milestone in your child’s life and can be very daunting to parents and children.

Parents can learn a lot about their child during this process-

How they deal with success or failure

How they process information

What rewards motivate them

It is a stage where no “one size fits all”, there is no perfect time to start as all children are different.

But being prepared before you start, knowing some key facts and factoring in your child’s own personality will help you achieve success.

My session aims to help take the stress out of potty training, give you tips and practical advice to increase your knowledge and confidence.

Guide you through potty training troubleshooting and any behavioural challenges and enable you to help your children achieve independent toileting skills and promote good bowel and bladder health for life.

Session covers:

Importance of timing

Preparing the groundwork

How to know your child is ready

What you need to get started

The start day

Tips on leaving the home

Ways to make it fun

Trouble shooting

Only pooing in a nappy

How to deal with relapses

And lots of resources to share via email following the session.

The cost for Potty training is :

Personal one to one in the clients home: £60.

Invite one friend : £30 each.
Invite two friends : £22 each.
Invite three or more friends : £18 each and host recieves a free goodie bag.

Telephone consultations are available at £10 per 30 minutes, please message me to discuss.

Weekend / Evening sessions available for partners to be involved.

Areas covered = South East Essex, prices available for longer distances.

mobile : 07722002132

Potty Training Testimonials

I found the potty workshop to be incredibly helpful. I learnt so much during the session and it’s really helped me understand how to approach potty in a confident and relax way. Sue is clearly very experienced and knowledgable. I would definitely recommend her and her sessions.


I attended a Potty Training course yesterday and can highly recommend. I was a bit anxious about even beginning this step with my daughter before the class. However now I feel excited and enthusiastic about the idea of starting. Sue had so much experience in this field and went over so many different ways to cope and deal with any obstacles that may be put in the way. I came away with so many ideas that I can when both ready we can put into action and try with my little one. I now have the knowledge and understanding on how to make this next step fun and enjoyable for both my daughter and me and her dad. I also learnt so much that I hadn’t even given any thought too. So thank you very much.


I attended a potty training session with Sue yesterday evening. Sue was lovely & very down to earth, so it made everything very relaxed, which helps when you talking about a subject that isnt normally discussed in public 

I feel a lot more confident about starting the whole potty training process and have already started spotting some of the signs that my little one is ready.... that I didnt even realise were signs before yesterday! 

The suggestions made to assist with the process were fab! I have a list of potential things to buy, but that shouldn’t scare anyone off, as Sue suggested things that were friendly on the wallet! (Which is always great!)

There is now a tiny bit of me thats excited to get started. Im still terrified! Lol! ....but I feel like I have a much better understanding of it all, rather than panicking that I had absolutely no idea where to start!

It was a great session that Id highly recommend! At some point in the future I can see myself booking myself another session with Sue, when we venture down the route of dry night training!

Thanks for a great session Sue! Very much appreciated!!


I attended Sue's potty training session today and i would highly recommend it. I learnt a lot of useful tips and sue advised the best way to prepare for potty training. The session was really enjoyable too. Thanks sue. Wish me luck


We had a potty training session with Sue today and it was so helpful! Lots of hints and tips and things you would never think of! Thank you so much xxx


Today I attended a potty training session led by Sue. This was held at the Therapy Life Centre in Southend. I turned up to be warmly welcomed by Sue. I wanted to attend the session in readiness for taking my twins on the potty training journey. I was clueless about the best way to go about this. During the session, Sue shared her wealth of knowledge and expertise in a very supportive way. I felt at ease to ask lots of questions and get clarification on the points being discussed. Sue was happy to answer any of my questions and offered additional support and guidance. I didn’t realise how important all the preparation with my twins beforehand would be to hopefully lead us on our successful journey. Sue helps with all of this plus giving advise on the signs a child is ready, resources that can be used and what to do if a relapse was to occur. Not only this, but I have just received some of the materials from the session via email and Sue says I can drop her a message if I need any further help. Needless to say I am no longer clueless about potty training and feel a lot more confident to take my twins on this journey when they are ready. I would highly recommend Sue and this course.
Thank you Sue.


I would highly recommend this class to anyone who is unsure on where to start with potty training, from building up basics to the day you start potty training, this class gave me the confidence in knowing what I am doing and the right things to say when helping my little one, I can’t wait to start potty training my boy Thankyou

Thank you so much for the resources and the time you spent educating us on  potty training. I very much enjoyed the workshop and feel better equipped with reliable information to begin our journey.

I thought the prep work you covered was very insightful and a great introduction for parents to establish the right foundation. Also highlighting the importance of positive language to reinforce at home and at nursery was a key take away for me.

My little one and I chose some knickers, reward stickers and whilst we have been away on holiday we have been exploring books and flushing “poo down the loo!”. The fun will continue once we are at home no doubt as little one has begun to talk / reference her nappy so I think she is displaying positive signs we are ready to start our transition.

Thank you again for your time spent and knowledge shared,

I’ll be in touch if encounter any hurdles along the way.