Setting up Littlelifesteps, The story so far.

Setting up Littlelifesteps, The story so far.

I would like to share with you the start of my business and the story so far.

I left the NHS on the 31st October this year, (so not very long) after working with a lovely health visiting team including a group of nursery nurses and a talented breastfeeding consultant.

Earlier this year we were taken over by Virgincare/Barnardos and the nursery nurses merged with the children’s centre staff at Barnardos, this resulted in cut backs and services being hit with big changes. The health visitors remained with Virgincare and this made for a very fragmented team.

After some consideration I decided to leave, not sure of what I would do next.

“Why don’t you start up on your own, you have loads of experience” was the feedback from many friends and colleagues, and so this planted a seed for me as I had always wanted to work for myself. It gave me the push to start my own business offering Parenting support.

First things first I needed a name. Again, friends and family were very supportive. One previous colleague, who I instantly clicked with due to having the same sense of humour came up with “Welbies Wobblers -for all your toddler needs!”. This made me laugh but was not the name for me. Some other suggestions were massage related and included the word, “Bond” but this word made me think of banks.

I tried to think of a name that related to how I supported parents, by always listening to their needs and guiding them to make changes. So, another name I thought of was “healthy foundations” as I help families lay down these for the future. This was soon knocked on the head after my eldest daughter googled the name and found it to be a mattress company!!, no thank you not for me.

It was during a brainstorming session in Costa, (my husband’s favourite place) that

“Littlelifesteps” was born. As soon as I heard the name I knew it was the one.

The next step was to design a logo. Again, back to the drawing board thinking how this relates to me and how I work. Some suggestions were little feet, which were lovely to look at but somehow related to walking and possibly a shoe company. Another one was puzzle pieces, as when supporting parents especially with sleep and behaviour, I often say its like a jigsaw and all the pieces must fit in place for success. My husband being a design draftsman was quickly on this, but it was soon shelved as it had too much going on, so back to the drawing board.


Finally, after many hours and late nights the logo was designed by my husband, with my input, it’s a simple design and shows a child and a hand supporting the child, this hand can represent the parent or myself guiding the child.

The next stage was to tackle social media and build a website. I haven’t got the time to go into too much detail but for anyone setting up their own business you will know what I mean when I say it becomes your entire life, you live and breathe your new business. It has been an emotional rollercoaster learning about metatags, search engine optimisation and weblinks, when all I wanted to hear was words like potty, tantrums and cuddles.